Nexera UC Prep SFC

Semi Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography System

The Nexera UC Prep is a new preparative supercritical fluid chromatography system that offers both the high performance achieved in the analytical Nexera UC model and additional state-of-the-art preparative SFC technologies.

It resolves a number of issues in preparative tasks, allowing users to overhaul their workflow, reducing labor and improving efficiency. Not only does the Nexera UC Prep achieve superior fractionation recovery rates, it provides flexible system configurations in a compact design, requiring low installation space and allowing you to maximize lab resources.

Semi Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography System

High recovery rates

In preparative SFC, one factor that results in lower recovery rates is increased dispersion of the eluant when the CO2 returns suddenly from a supercritical to a gaseous state. The Nexera UC Prep’s patented gas-liquid separator, the LotusStream separator, successfully reduces sample dispersion and carryover, while also achieving high recovery rates. These high recovery rates can be obtained regardless of flow rate or modifier concentration, even for volatile compounds such as the fragrance linalool.


Comparison for 1% linalool

Equipment Recovery Rate
Conventional separator 78.0%
LotusStream separator 96.7%
LotusStream separator

LotusStream separator
(patented technology)

Decreases flow speeds without increasing the tubing diameter by splitting flow through multiple flow channels. The CO2 is discharged externally while the liquid travels along the column and drips directly below without dispersing the eluate.

Benchtop system that can be installed anywhere

Usually a chiller is required to cool the solvent delivery pump when pumping CO2 at high flow rates. However, the Nexera UC Prep features a compressor-type cooling unit, reducing the size of the system and allowing it to be installed anywhere. Its footprint is equivalent to an analysis-scale SFC system.

Footprint of Conventional preparative SFC system versus Nexera UC Prep

Stacked injection function eliminates waiting time

Normal injection wastes time between peak elutions. Using the Nexera UC Prep’s stacked injection function, samples can be injected continuously without any waiting time, enabling more samples to be processed. Settings for this function can be specified easily in the dedicated software.

Normal injection versus stacked injection (9 consecutive injections)

Compatible with multiple detectors (max. 4 channels)

If only the UV signal is used as a trigger in the preparative workflow, components with low UV absorption are difficult to separate and there is also a risk of accidentally fractionating unseparated components in the same detection channel. By using the MS signal as the trigger, high-purity fractions can be recovered simply by specifying the m/z value of the target components.



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