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Open Access LCMS System

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Compound identification

Specifying the molecular weight of the target compound in the Sample Log-in screen enables easy identification of the target compound in the Data Browser.

Remote data review

Once data acquisition is completed, the software automatically sends an e-mail containing a URL to a quantitative results report in the Data Browser, allowing chemists to check their results remotely. The user has full functionality - even peak data processing and peak integration can be performed.

Automatic LC management

A built-in software function allows a user to automatically wash the flow line after each sample analysis, even when using multiple LC columns, to prevent damage to or contamination of the LC column. An additional feature makes it possible to set a specific timeframe or day of the week to start up the system in preparation for analysis.

Software workflow diagram

Software screen data review

Easily submit a sample
After log-in, submit a sample and perform analysis on the same screen as sample registration. After the data acquisition is finished, the software automatically sends an e-mail with a URL to the quantitative results report.  The progress of the analysis and queue time is shown in the Sample Log-in window for easy verification of system status.

Remote data review
Review results remotely by clicking the link in the automatically generated e-mail to open the Data Browser. The user has full functionality - even peak data processing and peak integration can be performed.

Specialized software not required

Launch the Data Browser and review results from any PC connected to the Open Solution Analytical network. There is no need to install any specialized software on each PC.*

* Free software provided by Microsoft® should be installed.

Open Solution Analytical network

Monitor target compounds

The chromatogram peak is highlighted in green when the target compound is found. The MS spectrum in the peak is processed and the index of the spectral integrity is shown in the peak annotation.

MS spectrum UV spectrum results

Peak integration

Peaks may be easily added to or deleted from the LC/PDA chromatogram, which can be magnified, in the browser window. Processing can be performed via simple mouse commands, allowing users remote access to basic chromatographic analysis.

Peak integration software screen


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